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Discover Berlin

Our tips for your Berlin visit

Berlin Potsdamer Platz
Bahnhof Berlin Potsdamer Platz
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Start your Berlin experience between the modern buildings and skyscrapers of the Potsdamer Platz. Take the vibrant new quarter of Berlin in, where locals and tourists come together. You‘ll find a variety of different shops and malls, like: Mall of Berlin. And if you get hungry in between, the futuristic looking square called Sony Center offers you a range of different restaurants and cafes

Berlin Brandenburger Tor
Brandenburger Tor am Abend
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Only a few steps away, you find the Brandenburger Gate - the historic monument of Berlin. From there on you can explore in all directions. In the back of the Brandenburger Gate you find the Tiergarten - where the Siegessäule, Castle Bellevue, and Bundeskanzleramt the Reichstag is located.

Berliner Dom
Berliner Dom im Herbst
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Stroll along the „Straße unter den Linden“ or treat yourself with a shopping spree among the Friedrichstraße - where you find exclusive boutiques and shops. To rest and slow down from the vivid city life you can take a break at Gendarmenmarkt, between the German and French cathedral. Once you back at „Unter den Linden“ you are facing the tallest building in Berlin - the TV Tower. Along the way to the Tv Tower you will be passing some more famous sights, for example: the Humboldt university, St. Hedwigs cathedral, the newly rebuild city palace, berlin cathedral and the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Museum island.

Berlin Alexanderplatz
Fernsehturm und Weltzeituhr am Berliner Alexanderplatz
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From there on it‘s only a stone‘s throw from the turbulent Alexanderplatz, also called „Alex“. Located on the east side of Berlin the „Alex“ is a traffic hub with the berlin government situated in the „Roten Rathaus“. Take some time to stroll through the historic centre of berlin - in the „Nikolaiviertel“. Those small little alleys with cobblestone streets and low buildings take you back to the Middle Ages. That‘s the oldest residential zone of Berlin.

Berliner Mauer
Berliner Mauer an der East Side Gallery
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You want to dig further into German history and walk along the border which divided east and west Germany for over 28 years? We recommend you the so called East-Side-Gallery. Famous artists painted the longest still standing part of the wall with different artworks. Once you there its worth visiting the newly opened Mercedes Benz square. You‘ll find a variety of different restaurants and cafes, a cinema, two concerts halls and a mall. Enclosed the East-Side-Gallery is the Oberbaumbridge. That area is a melting pot for the famous berlin nightlife - clubs, bars, beach bars and floating pools leave nothing to be desired.

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