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Discover Potsdam

Our tips for your Potsdam visit

Potsdamer Stadtschloss
Potsdamer Stadtschloss - @yapics |

Visit Potsdam - the famous city which is known for all the historic castles, palaces and castle gardens. Start your day in Potsdam with a walk through the city center. The historic city Center is located where the Potsdamer city palace is located. Till that day the legislative assembly of Potsdam is still based there. Unfortunately that building can’t be visited from inside. But take a look inside the patio of the palace, where you will be fascinated by the baroque facades and pavilions. 

Nikolaikirche am Alten Markt - @yapics |

Take a path to one of the most beautiful places in Europe - the old market. In the middle of the square is a 16 meter obelisk located. It belongs, like the museum Barberini and Potsdam museum, to the historic buildings of the square. As another highlight you‘ll notice directly the St. Nikolai Church with it’s stunning dome. It’s one of the most popular buildings in central Potsdam.

Brandenburger Tor in Potsdam
Brandenburger Tor in Potsdam - @chris_reyem |

While in the area you shouldn’t miss out visiting the more than 150 brick row houses in the dutch quarter. Friedrich Wilhelm I. built this quarter originally for the new hired craftsmanship professionals from Holland, so that they feel like home. In that area are lots of cafes, restaurants, galleries and handcraft stores located. Now you can walk along the pedestrian area Brandenburger Strasse, in the direction Luisenplatz, where the Brandenburger Gate awaits you.

Schloss Sanssouci
Schloss Sanssouci - @danaward |

After enjoying the spirit of the city center, now you can escape into a magical and splendid world of the park Sanssouci. You can enter the park through Luisenplatz when following the „Allee nach Sanssouci“, where the freedom church with a 42 meter high tower waits for you. Decelerate on your way through the beautiful arranged park in the direction of castle Sanssouci, where you can marvel at the breathtaking vineyard terrace. Above the vineyard terrace is the castle Sanssouci located, with its pretentious halls, but especially it’s splendid marble hall. The castle is also knows as the Prusso-german Versaille.

After visiting the castle Sanssouci your next target should be the enclosed Orangery, which is known for it‘s plant hall, arcades and numerous fountains. With an impressive length of 300 meter the building is one of the largest buildings in the park and the architecture reminds of the Villa Medici in Rome.

Chinesische Haus
Chinesische Haus in Potsdam - @Laborratte |

On you way to the castle you walk along the historic windmill, which is still used until today to grind cereal. South of the Orangery is the botanical garden of Potsdam. If you want to see plants from all over the world, we recommend a visit. Another highlight in the park is the Chinese building, with it’s golden columns and figures. The impressive building style shows how Chinese fashion affected at court.

Another stop on your tour though the park are the Roman baths, which are divided in a garden house, tea house and a few more buildings idyllic situated near the water. Also nearby is the castle Charlottenhof which has been built in the classicistic way.

Frontale Aufnahme des Neuen Palais
Frontale Aufnahme des Neuen Palais - @yapics |

The last stop on your daily tour is the new Palais, which has a few impressive ballrooms, a theatre, a Tambour-dome and more than 400 figures placed on the front. It is the last castle, which Friedrich the great built in his park. Closed by is the train station „Potsdam Park Sanssouci“ which bring you back to the central train station of Potsdam.